5.29.13 ARWOD



  • Here’s a simple, yet comprehensive guide to healthy grocery shopping for a week of swole meals. CHECK IT OUT.
  • This isn’t mentioned in the video, but make sure to add fats to your shopping list as well: i.e. nuts, avocados, olive oil, hummus, natural peanut butter.

Weekend Posts (5.25.13 ARWOD + 5.26.13 MWOD)

Friends, in order to promote SwoleFIT at EDC Chicago, I will be absent from the blog this weekend. However fear not! Here are this weekend’s posts:

Saturday (5.25.13)- ARWOD

Sunday (5.26.13)- MWOD

  • Get educated on the ill effects that running for long distances as your sole form of exercise, on a consistent basis, can have on your metabolism. Women, especially, have a huge misconception about how to properly lose weight and get a proper physique.
  • Main takeaway: if you know any women whose primary goal is getting a “lean and toned” physique while still maintaining a normal diet, make them aware of this. They should be doing weight training (especially circuit training), not running themselves to death every day in combination with a starvation diet!
  • Check out my 3-day SwoleFIT workout I wrote up for women.

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Watch the video below:

5.19.13 MWOD

Rest Day (Physical)

Rest your bodies, you deserve it. Sit on the couch all day, go to 7 Eleven, get some Doritos and that pre-packaged queso, and funnel it into your mouth. I don’t care, I’m not the boss of you.

MWOD (Mental Workout Of the Day)

I added a page explaining my outlook on maintaining a Swole mind (SwoleFIT Template > Swole Mind). Here is the direct link.


5.18.13 ARWOD



  • Team SwoleFIT will be doing the Chicago tough mudder on this fair day; for those of you who haven’t heard of it, it’s a 13 mile obstacle course designed by British Special Forces. It’s a test of your strength, especially your mental strength and is guaranteed to increase the size of your proverbial (and literal) cajones.
  • There’s races all over the country; check out the video to get a glimpse of the event:

5.12.13 MWOD

Rest day (physical)

Chill out, max, relax, do nada. Read a book, watch an entertaining television show, go to the zoo, flip off the monkeys. It’s your life; live it the way you want.

MWOD (Mental Workout Of the Day)

This may be the most powerful nine minute combination of words I’ve ever heard in my life. It’s good to stop, slow down, and just observe life for what it is every once in a while. #Swoleosophy


5.8.13 ARWOD


I recently discovered an active recovery program called “Recharge” by Joe DeFranco (creator of Westside for Skinny Bastards). Joe is known for training elite athletes out of his warehouse new Jersey gym and has built up quite a reputation by delivering solid results.

“Recharge” is a series of 6 different 10-15 minute routines (all on video), each of which mobilizes specific parts of the body. Each routine is 3 parts- foam roller or lacrosse ball work followed by a mobility stretch followed by a low resistance targeted “activation” movement. I’ve had lower back tightness on and off for about the past 4 years and after doing two of these routines, it completely disappeared. I’m going to continue to do these before I workout/ on off days; I’ll update you guys on its effectiveness.

>>> Click here to check out the program <<<



  • “Do you even lift?” One of the classic inquiries of our time. A bold Russian filmmaker sets out to discover if the denizens of his local township lift, provoking some unpredictable responses.

5.1.13 ARWOD



I present to you the latest and greatest in tank designs I’ve been working on: