Start Here

Upon first glance, this site might be a little overwhelming. Fear not, here’s where you start if you want to join the #SwoleFIT NATION:

(Optional before Step 1): Read “Origins of SwoleFIT” to get a glimpse into my strange, yet completely true life story.

  1. Read the SwoleFIT template that outlines the logic behind my basic workout plan. If you have any questions that aren’t answered in the FAQ, shoot me an email at
  2. Learn proper form for the basic Olympic/power lifts (deadlift, squat variations, snatch, bench, clean, snatch). This is basically a prerequisite for SwoleFIT and not something that can be done overnight. If you’re a beginner, I’d recommend getting a trainer. If you’re taking a more economical route, there’s a wealth of resources on Youtube showing proper form. Do your research, then record a video of yourself performing the lifts to make sure your form is good.
  3. Start following the workouts. (3 Month Cycle version 1) (3 month Cycle version 2)
  4. Don’t skip workouts. I am extremely strategic in my programming–every workout complements every other one. Active Recovery workouts are equally as important if not more important that strength and conditioning workouts. In order to see results, you are going to have to do every workout (missing a few is permissible) for at least a couple months. Consistency = Results.
  5. Feel awesome, get #SwoleFIT.


4 comments on “Start Here

  1. hi,what should i do if i working out in my home-i got all olympic bar and 185 kg of weights and beside that i have something like 200 kg of non-olympic weights…and i don’t go to the gym…help!!! 🙂
    thank you

    • Hey Shapira, don’t worry!

      You can substitute barbell and dumbbell based movements for the machine movements on Tues./Thurs. aka bodybuilding days.

      The three investments (very low cost) I recommend you make are: a speed jump rope, yoga mat, and foam roller.

      Here’s my official page on equipment requirements:

      Do you have a squat rack and/or a flat bench or adjustable bench?

  2. First of all thanks for your time and shinrag your knowledge. I looked on Mikeboyles Site and couldn’t find a thing on slideboarding. Also Mikes latest Post issue # 20 wouldn’t load. Lastly your links don’t seem to flow into one another directly. Perhaps, number them. I’m looking forward to finding a lot of great stuff here. Nick says so. My best to you in your endeavors to go from fit to physique competitor. Don’t worry about you’re receiving comments from me. You’re giving and I intend to give back whatever I can. thanks, gene

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