Weekend Posts (6/1/13 ARWOD + 6/2/13 MWOD)

Saturday (6/1/13) Recovery

Sunday (6/2/13) Mental Work

Also, watch this TED talk about willpower. Note at 7:37, she equates developing your mind to ‘lifting heavy weights.’ Seriously! your mind is another muscle that needs to be worked as well.

*Just kidding

5.29.13 ARWOD



  • Here’s a simple, yet comprehensive guide to healthy grocery shopping for a week of swole meals. CHECK IT OUT.
  • This isn’t mentioned in the video, but make sure to add fats to your shopping list as well: i.e. nuts, avocados, olive oil, hummus, natural peanut butter.

5.5.13 MWOD

Rest Day (Physical)

MWOD (Mental Workout Of the Day)

  • Watch this video of former Navy SEAL turned coach Mark Divine, the creator of SealFIT and the “Unbeatable Mind” program, as he explains the different concepts of visualization.
  • Believe it or not, perception is literally reality. Knowing this, it follows that success originates from the mind.
  • To those who are saying, “Yeaaaah right, this is a bunch of bullshit,” I say to you, “Don’t knock it, til you’ve tried it, friend.” Envisioning true success (which itself must be practiced, you can’t just do it once and expect results) will improve your results and your life as a whole. It just will.

5.4.13 ARWOD



  • I found this awesome channel on youtube called “Buff Dudes.” It’s essentially a bunch of clips of these bodybuilders running on beaches, playing with animals, and planting gardens*.
  • Here’s a video recipe for what looks to be some scrumpdiddlyumptious “protein peanut butter cookies.” Imma make me some o’ these bad boys this weekend. DERICIOUS.
  • Should be an outstanding, on-hand energy source while I’m at the bars flirting with disaster, squatting ass to grass on the dance floor to show all the young ladies my outstanding range of motion and explosiveness from the ground.

*Sort of

4.21.13 MWOD

Rest Day (Physical)

Since the inception of time, Sunday has been the universal day of rest. It is reserved for going to your chosen place of worship (I currently attend services at the Iron Cathedral), spending time with family and friends, and eating “cheat” foods such as white bread and 12 box party packs of Doritos Locos Tacos.

MWOD (Mental Workout Of the Day)

On a more serious note, this is still a great day to focus on learning something new and developing your mind. Coursera is a pretty awesome resource where you can take full college courses FOR FREE.

Below is a link to a free course from the University of Florida called “Intro to Nutrition” which I’m currently going through. Pretty awesome that this is available to the public free of charge.

>>>>>>> https://class.coursera.org/humannutrition-001/class/index <<<<<<<

4.7.13 MWOD

Rest Day (Physical)

Today, it is completely permissible to lie on the couch all day and drizzle barbecue sauce and mashed up potato chips all over your shirtless belly. However, you can’t them eat them (because that’s unhealthy) but you can still savor the comforting sensation of their presence.

Mental Work

  • Ah yes, the mind. We must always remember that we are both body AND mind, and as such we need to exercise our brains in the same manner we exercise our body.
  • Meditation is a great place to start. Meditation is not inherently religious or superstitious; it is simply a way to gain control over our minds and find our place of peace and calmness.
  • Watch the following video that explains meditation (I’m being completely serious):

3.31.13 MWOD

MWOD = Mental Workout Of the Day

Rest Day

Just because it’s a physical rest day, doesn’t mean you can’t work your mind. In fact, I plan on dedicating the blog post every Sunday to a different “MWOD” if you will. (will you?)

After all the Easter shenanigans are over and you’ve completed your candy binge, I highly suggest you watch these two videos (click the links below) and learn yourself some book knowledge on the science of conditioning.

What is conditioning?

  • Explains what conditioning is and how to quantify it.

What is the anaerobic power reserve? (seriously guys, what is it)

  • Lays out the difference (from a power output standpoint) between endurance athletes (like Lance “Integrity is my middle name” Armstrong) and explosive athletes (like Adrian “I have the same mutant power as Wolverine” Peterson)

I leave you with this inspirational quote:

“Swole of body, swole of mind, swole of spirit, forever my brothers and sisters in the harmony of the #SwoleFIT NATION.”