7.26.13 SWOD

WarmupAin’t no feelin like it, homie.


  • Flat Bench: 10 sets of 1 @~90-95% 1RM
    • Third week of 4-week bench strength cycle, add 10-20 lbs from weight used last week.
    • Rest should be 60-90 seconds between sets.


*Sub 30 jumping jacks if you don’t have a jump rope

By this point of the strength cycle, you should be feeling invincible both inside the weight room and outside in the real world. You’re most likely getting comments from strangers on the street asking, “What kind of steroid cycle are you on?” or “How many Olympics have you competed in?” or my personal favorite (not really a question), “Here’s $300 for being so swole, Mister.” The important thing is to keep it all in perspective and maintain a humble demeanor. Flex when necessary, keep your chin up, world peace.


  • Friday is here, time to celebrate. Just don’t be this guy.

7.9.13 SWOD

Warmup- Follow your dreams. But first, do this.

Dynamic- EMOM (Every Minute On the Minute) for 8 minutes- Flat Bench- 3 explosive reps @ 50-60% 1RM

Volume (3-0-3 tempo: 3 seconds down, 3 seconds up, 60-90 seconds b/t supersets)

Today’s workout marks the start of a new bodybuilding micro-cycle as part of the SwoleFIT strength template. Tempo should be deliberately slowed to increase the amount of time your muscles are under stress. We’ll be using a 3-0-3 tempo: 3 seconds down, 3 seconds up. This slower pace will increase the amount of time your muscles are under tension and should really break down those muscle fibers paving the road for sweet, succulent muscle growth.

Motivation- Check out this video of Drew Brees hitting it hard in the offseason:

Weekend Posts (6.29.13 ARWOD + 6.30.13 MWOD)

Saturday (6/29/13) Recovery

Sit all day? Try this stretch to regain hip/lower back/shoulder mobility.

Sunday (6/30/13) Mental Work

  • Check out this great article from the blog “High Existence,” giving a high level overview of the different levels of meditation.
  • Meditation is a very powerful tool to enhance our training as well as our everyday existence.


6.28.13 SWOD



  • Flat Bench- 2-2-2-2-2, heavy weight– work up to a 2 rep max here
  • Pendlay Rows4-4-4-4-4, heavy weight but don’t go to absolute failure

Conditioning- “Alpha Force 69”

Same conditioning workout as 4.26.13. I liked it so much I’m giving it a name. What is the Alpha Force and why am I specifying sector 69? The answer will come to you if you do the workout.


  • Glimpse a day of training in the life of pro surfer Anastasia Ashley as she tones her glutes among other things. CHYEUUHH BOIII.

6.24.13 SWOD



  • Power clean– 3-3-2-2-1-1 (perform a couple warmup sets, then successively increase weight for the working sets)

Conditioning- “Son of Prometheus”

This workout is very similar to the “Prometheus” GODSWOD done on 6.23.13; this time Kettlebell swings are subbed for the SDHP’s and DU’s. Push yourself to the max limitations here- never give up, never surrender.


  • Here’s a pretty awesome training montage of two guys, Dan Green and Eric Spoto, who recently broke powerlifting world records for the raw total and raw bench categories respectively.

Weekend Posts (6.22.13 ARWOD + 6.23.13 MWOD)

Saturday (6/22/13) Recovery

Sunday (6/23/13) Mental Work

  • This is quite possibly one of the most inspirational speech/video montage combinations I’ve ever seen. I encourage you to ruminate on the ideas presented in this speech and apply them to your own thinking. Oftentimes, we proceed through life with our noses down, blindly following directions from arbitrary figures of authority. We should ultimately seek to find our own personal truth and discover what makes us truly happy.

6.13.13 SWOD



  • EMOM for 8 minutes (EMOM = Every Minute On the Minute)
    • 2 Jump Squats, 2 Explosive Deadlifts @ ~50%1RM
    • For jump squats, start from a full squat position and explode as high as possible on each jump. Pause after each rep for both exercises.

Volume (Rest periods should be 60-90 seconds b/t supersets)

Do you want to get big? Tryna get swole? Interested in becoming a beefcake? Look no further than this brand spankin’ new SHOULDALEGZTRAPZABZ workout to get the people goin’.


  • Today’s motivation is actually some very practical, useful advice from Kelly Starett. Apply these movement principles to your deadlift to optimize performance/ most efficiently create torque with your body.