SwoleFIT is still in its infancy as as a workout program. However, here are some pictures documenting the preliminary physical results:

SwoleFIT Specimen X, 6 week results

grant before no facegrant 7

Specimen X followed a LeanGains style intermittent fasting plan, He utilizd a 4 hour feeding window and kept protein consumption the same day to day (1.3 g/lb), limiting carbohydrate intake on non-workout days.

Also, Specimen X was in pretty decent shape in that first picture, just had a slight layer of fat.

SwoleFIT Specimen K, 3 month results (Before, After)


photo 2photo 2

I was in decent shape to start with. SwoleFIT helped me go from 205 lbs down to 200 lbs. Muscle gain was noticeable in the biceps, shoulders, traps, and upper back. The upper back started to V out for the first time in my life. I also noticed my serratus anterior start to show and the fat disappeared from my sides. For the most part, the only strenuous cardio I did was Monday and Friday’s conditioning workouts.


6 comments on “Results

  1. As far as results goes, since I’ve started I put on a lot more show muscle. Most of my “Large” button up shirts have gotten to small in my arms, shoulders and back. I know I still have quite a bit of fat to loose though. I blame that on an unexpected car accident last year. That kinda caused me to take a hiatus in my training. I’ve been eating pretty good since 2010 when I decided to go paleo. I know I need to cut down on my alcohol intake. I intermittent fast so a typical training day goes like this:

    6:30 (wake up)
    7:15 bulletproof coffee
    12:00 Pre-workout (I’m giving musclepharm assult a try now)
    2:15 first meal (Today was a chicken thighs and a load of mixed veggies)
    4:00 second meal (If I don’t eat all my first. The other piece of chicken and the rest of my veggies)
    7:30 Usually some kind of meat or fish plus veggies.
    9:30 Swole glass of milk to wash down my fish oil. (I think I’ll replace this soon with a Casein Protein shake made w/coconut milk)

    Sounds pretty good right? I think I wreck myself on the weekends with large amount of alcohol. I live in Japan, its what people do here.

    • That does sound pretty good. You know, I realized that as long as I don’t gorge on food late at night combined with the drinking, it doesnt hurt my performance terribly during the week. I also try to cut back on carbohydrate intake during the weekends (except for booze) if I don’t do any physical activity. I think alcohol hurts the most if it’s consumed in copious amounts several hours after a tough workout. Also, if you drink these- before you start to drink it really diminishes the effects of the hangover. That’s interesting though, I’ve heard Japan is a huge drinking country.

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    So nice to discover another person with a few unique thoughts onn this issue.
    Seriously.. thanks for starting this up. This web site is something that iis needed on the web,
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