5.8.13 ARWOD


I recently discovered an active recovery program called “Recharge” by Joe DeFranco (creator of Westside for Skinny Bastards). Joe is known for training elite athletes out of his warehouse new Jersey gym and has built up quite a reputation by delivering solid results.

“Recharge” is a series of 6 different 10-15 minute routines (all on video), each of which mobilizes specific parts of the body. Each routine is 3 parts- foam roller or lacrosse ball work followed by a mobility stretch followed by a low resistance targeted “activation” movement. I’ve had lower back tightness on and off for about the past 4 years and after doing two of these routines, it completely disappeared. I’m going to continue to do these before I workout/ on off days; I’ll update you guys on its effectiveness.

>>> Click here to check out the program <<<



  • “Do you even lift?” One of the classic inquiries of our time. A bold Russian filmmaker sets out to discover if the denizens of his local township lift, provoking some unpredictable responses.

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