Swole Equipment

Here’s a list of equipment you’ll need to do SwoleFIT. I try to keep the equipment requirements of my workouts relatively bare bones so anyone w/ a commercial gym membership can do them.

  • Squat Rack w/ Pull-up Bar (or separate pull-up bar… whatever works)
  • Olympic Bar w/ Weights (bumper weights preferred)


  • Lat Pulldown/ Low Row Machine (this is a nice to have, pull-up/barbell/dumbbell movements can be substituted)

maximus-mx305-lat-pulldown-lat-row (1)

  • Adjustable Bench


  • Dumbbells (lower weights, i.e. 15#-45#, is sufficient)


  • Mat for situps/yoga

photo 2

photo 2

photo 3

  • Box/Elevated Surface


photo 3photo 4

photo 1

And that is it people. Commercial gyms should have all of this equipment save for the jump rope. Make the minimal investment in the basic maintenance tools (yoga mat, bands, roller, lacrosse balls), and it will pay off many times over as you age and your body changes. #SwoleMaintenance

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