Strength Cycle Training Schedule

Strength Cycle Schedule

Following is an archive of the SwoleFIT strength cycle workouts laid out in a schedule format.


Bodybuilding/Strength Microcycle 1- 

Week 1


Week 2


Week 3


Week 4



Emphasis for the strength cycle template is on consistent, 4-week strength cycles to pair with the bodybuilding microcycles. I’ll be using a modified version of chaosandpain’s strength cycle template opting for slightly fewer sets so as not to burn out before conditioning work. Rest between these higher number of sets will only be 60-90 seconds, and the weight you’ll be using will be slightly less, but strength gain should be significant and consistent every week.

Bodybuilding days will also be modified to incorporate deliberately slowed tempo lifting. We’ll be using a ‘3-0-3’ tempo– 3 seconds to lower the weight and 3 seconds to raise the weight. This slower tempo will require you to use slightly lower weights; however it will increase the TUT (time under tension) for your muscles. This style of lifting will facilitate max muscle breakdown and subsequent hypertrophy.

I am also eliminating the lower body hypertrophy work and replacing it with lower body power accessory lifts a la Westside for Skinny Bastards pt. 3 dynamic-effort lower body days. This will complement lower body strength days nicely.

Modified Template:

M– Squat Strength Cycle (week 1: 8×3, week 2: 10×2, week 3: 10×1, week 4: max out) + Shoulders/Traps/Legs/Abs Conditioning Circuit

T– Chest/Back/Arms Hypertrophy workout, 3-0-3 tempo (3 seconds down, 3 seconds up), rep ranges: (week 1,2: 8-10 reps), (weeks 3,4: 6-8 reps)

W– Recovery

Th– Lower body power accessory work (from Westside Skinny Bastards) + Shoulders/Traps Hypertrophy (3-0-3 tempo), rep ranges: (week 1,2: 8-10 reps), (weeks 3,4: 6-8 reps) + Ab circuit

F– Bench Strength Cycle (week 1: 8×3, week 2: 10×2, week 3: 10×1, week 4: max out) + Chest/Back/Arms Conditioning Circuit



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