“I really enjoy getting the cardio combined with weight training. Two birds with one shotgun… or something like that.”

-Anthony G.

“Over the last 4 years, I’ve went from doing strictly Main Page Crossfit for several months, to Stronglifts 5×5, mixed in with some fuckarounditis, then found another Crossfit gym that prioritized strength. I was steadily getting stronger for a while, but my body wasn’t changing too much. And my strength gains started to taper off too. Sometime in April, a friend sent me a link to swolefit.com… Shortly after receiving the link, I crossed over to the SwoleFIT side, and have been following the site every day since then. I don’t have any pictures showing what I looked like before I started, but my vascularity (visible veins) has increased in various places on my body. Most noticeably in my upper and lower arms, my shoulders, hip area, lower quads, calves, and neck.

I’ve lost 5 pounds, but I’ve set a few PRs as well, which include a 5 RM Deadlift PR, a 1 RM Bench Press PR, a 1 RM Power Clean PR, and most recently a 1 RM Back Squat PR. I’ve also received compliments in the locker room as well as at my job, about how “whatever I’m doing is working”.

For my diet, I’ve been loosely following a Leangains approach of 16/8 fasted/feeding periods. At least one day on the weekend, I’ll have breakfast though. I’ve pretty much cut out my alcohol intake between Monday-Friday as well. I will definitely be sticking with Swolefit.com for a while, and see just how swole I can get.”

-Jahsh B.

“(After doing SwoleFIT)…my chest is a lot bigger, my back is thicker, my legs are bigger and I carry myself differently too.

I went to a strongman competition last weekend, I was noticeably bigger than most, if not all of the spectators, even the ones who were obviously recreational users. There were plenty of crossfit-types there too with there great calves and traps but little else. The SwoleFIT template will make someone look like a track and field athlete if they are committed to the program, even someone of a more average size say 175 would look pretty solid after a few weeks.

I’m really enjoying the strength and conditioning days…by far my favourite though are the 8 sets of 3 on the dynamic days. I’ve certainly made gains from those workouts… I have stuck with squats for 8×3 since the challenge began, I’m making such good progress that I’m going to stick with it and just follow the leg & shoulders supersets.

The same goes for the dynamic chest, my chest is already much, much bigger…I know that without a doubt, I will be in the best shape possible for that course if I stick with your program.”

-Ricardo M. (http://tripledroptraining.com)

“My journey to swoledom has lasted 8 years now. I am strong, but felt as of last year that I’ve plateaued. I’ve dabbled in crossfit, even went to a level 1 cert – but felt that while it was good exercise, and I was spent after the WODs, I wasn’t really improving in anything in particular. Training vs exercise, an important distinction.

I was randomly adding a WOD or two a week to my regimen, but nothing as structured as you had laid out. Last year a recently acquired partner and I stumbled on your programming, and loved it – exactly what we were looking for! Those elusive GAINZ were found and I was looking forward to my sessions as if I was 16 again.”

-Colin Z.

“Hey man. Found your program and I gotta say it’s the best thing I’ve come across. Perfect mix of bodybuilding and crossfit. Especially because I hate running. I’ve had some serious gains doing the program. I just finished the 16 weeks, and I’m going to start it all over again.”

– Jonathan T.

“Combining circuit training, Olympic lifting and hypertrophy-focused bodybuilding type workouts is genius.  The intelligent programming of Swolefit truly develops all aspects of athleticism: strength, power, gainz, speed, sexual endurance, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, abz, and social dominance.  I also heard the creator of Swolefit nurses endangered baby giraffes back to health in third world countries…what a great guy.  But really, since I’ve started Swolefit, my physique has become much more aesthetic my strength has increased on all major lifts, both while spending less time in the gym.  Swolefit is the secret behind that huge guy that “trainers hate” in all of those internet ads.  
I would highly recommend Swolefit to anyone interested in the following things:

  • Looking good
  • Being strong
  • Fighting terrorism
  • Laughing
  • Efficient gym sessions
  • Going to raves shirtless
  • Sushi
  • Dating Kate Upton”

-Grant “Specimen X” M.

“Swolefit has really brought me back from the slow weight gain that every adult talks about to feeling good and like I can jump over a car.”

-Scotty B.

“I am emailing you today on behalf of myself, and all of my friends who have just started following SwoleFitNation. We would like to express our deepest gratitude to you as my crew and I have hit a wall in our previous training routines. We battled with trying to include bodybuilding (Hypertrophy training), high intensity (CrossfitWODS), and power (Olympic lifting) all in one. Our programming became difficult as we didn’t think it was possible to include all. We weren’t getting the results we needed as we were trying to look good, but stay fit/strong all in one. I have noticed since we started following this program that its possible to work on hypertrophy, strength, and still improve our cardiovascular training throughout. Not only have you provided the exact training we were looking for, but you allowed us to access this information free of cost. I am currently going into the United States Coast Guard, and leave for boot camp in January. I have no doubt in my mind I will be ready when the time comes as I will continue to practice your regimens.”


One comment on “Testimonials

  1. I used swolefit back acouple of years ago, in a search for something that would help me get big. I was only a skinny guy 6ft 184 pounds 14% bf small for a Tongan :(. Then I did swolefit got massive 6 month later I was 220 pounds and with 12% bf this gave me the key to the swole kingdom and also inspired me to take up personal training which I’m currently study now here in Australia. I keep coming back and using this your program as it has worked best for me! Thanks mate!

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