6.24.13 SWOD



  • Power clean– 3-3-2-2-1-1 (perform a couple warmup sets, then successively increase weight for the working sets)

Conditioning- “Son of Prometheus”

This workout is very similar to the “Prometheus” GODSWOD done on 6.23.13; this time Kettlebell swings are subbed for the SDHP’s and DU’s. Push yourself to the max limitations here- never give up, never surrender.


  • Here’s a pretty awesome training montage of two guys, Dan Green and Eric Spoto, who recently broke powerlifting world records for the raw total and raw bench categories respectively.

7 comments on “6.24.13 SWOD

  1. Hit 215 for a Power Clean PR. This is definitely my weakest lift, but I’m still improving. I’m happy with it.

    For Son of Prometheus, I forgot to start the timer until I finished the 1st round of work. Clock finished at 14:30, so total was probably around 16:00-16:30. Used 55# for KB swings. This was fun.

    • Nice Jahsh! 215 is still good dude– and hitting a PR is always an accomplishment. I’m on the road myself this week, moving from Chicago to San Fran – only have hotel gyms so I may have to delay the execution of this particular workout myself

      • Moving to San Fran? I hear its pretty nice there. While you are there you will have the chance to be able to get even more supple form Kelly Starrett himself. I hope you get a chance to go train there.

  2. Still can’t do movements involving the rack position. Elbow is fucked. Time for some acupuncture.

    5 x 5 Back Squat to 255

    5 rounds
    Deadlift 225 x 5
    Situps 20
    Kettlebell swing @ 60 lbs 20 reps

    (30 – 90 sec reset)


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