7.26.13 SWOD

WarmupAin’t no feelin like it, homie.


  • Flat Bench: 10 sets of 1 @~90-95% 1RM
    • Third week of 4-week bench strength cycle, add 10-20 lbs from weight used last week.
    • Rest should be 60-90 seconds between sets.


*Sub 30 jumping jacks if you don’t have a jump rope

By this point of the strength cycle, you should be feeling invincible both inside the weight room and outside in the real world. You’re most likely getting comments from strangers on the street asking, “What kind of steroid cycle are you on?” or “How many Olympics have you competed in?” or my personal favorite (not really a question), “Here’s $300 for being so swole, Mister.” The important thing is to keep it all in perspective and maintain a humble demeanor. Flex when necessary, keep your chin up, world peace.


  • Friday is here, time to celebrate. Just don’t be this guy.