3.31.13 MWOD

MWOD = Mental Workout Of the Day

Rest Day

Just because it’s a physical rest day, doesn’t mean you can’t work your mind. In fact, I plan on dedicating the blog post every Sunday to a different “MWOD” if you will. (will you?)

After all the Easter shenanigans are over and you’ve completed your candy binge, I highly suggest you watch these two videos (click the links below) and learn yourself some book knowledge on the science of conditioning.

What is conditioning?

  • Explains what conditioning is and how to quantify it.

What is the anaerobic power reserve? (seriously guys, what is it)

  • Lays out the difference (from a power output standpoint) between endurance athletes (like Lance “Integrity is my middle name” Armstrong) and explosive athletes (like Adrian “I have the same mutant power as Wolverine” Peterson)

I leave you with this inspirational quote:

“Swole of body, swole of mind, swole of spirit, forever my brothers and sisters in the harmony of the #SwoleFIT NATION.”


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