Weekend Posts (5.25.13 ARWOD + 5.26.13 MWOD)

Friends, in order to promote SwoleFIT at EDC Chicago, I will be absent from the blog this weekend. However fear not! Here are this weekend’s posts:

Saturday (5.25.13)- ARWOD

Sunday (5.26.13)- MWOD

  • Get educated on the ill effects that running for long distances as your sole form of exercise, on a consistent basis, can have on your metabolism. Women, especially, have a huge misconception about how to properly lose weight and get a proper physique.
  • Main takeaway: if you know any women whose primary goal is getting a “lean and toned” physique while still maintaining a normal diet, make them aware of this. They should be doing weight training (especially circuit training), not running themselves to death every day in combination with a starvation diet!
  • Check out my 3-day SwoleFIT workout I wrote up for women.

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Watch the video below:

5.19.13 MWOD

Rest Day (Physical)

Rest your bodies, you deserve it. Sit on the couch all day, go to 7 Eleven, get some Doritos and that pre-packaged queso, and funnel it into your mouth. I don’t care, I’m not the boss of you.

MWOD (Mental Workout Of the Day)

I added a page explaining my outlook on maintaining a Swole mind (SwoleFIT Template > Swole Mind). Here is the direct link.


4.14.13 MWOD

For those new readers of the blog, MWOD = Mental Workout Of the Day

Rest Day (Physical)

Swolians 6:9 “And on the 7th day, the #SwoleFIT NATION rested so that their muscles might be amply recovered for the brutal workouts that were to come in the following days.”

If your muscles are a flower, then this rest day is the equivalent of a light rainfall. It nourishes and provides valuable fuel for regeneration. During the week, however, your muscles become a Venus Flytrap, and flies are your protein shakes.

Mental Work

One of my brothers in swole showed me this site yesterday; it really helps bridge the gap of understanding between nutritional science and practical application. Give some articles a read through and learn yourself some knowledge people!

>>> http://examine.com/ <<<