7.22.13 SWOD

Warmup– Believe in yourself


  • Back Squat: 10 sets of 1 @~90-95% 1RM– Add 10-20 lbs to weight used last week
  • Third week of 4-week squat strength cycle, use the same weight for all working sets.
  • Rest should be 60-90 seconds between sets


Motivation- Looking to take your workout to the next level? Get on DAT HYPHY MUD, SON.

3 comments on “7.22.13 SWOD

  1. Short on time, so I cut a couple sets and a couple rounds out. Still a good workout though.

    335×1 x 4
    345×1 x 6

    3 rounds: 10 Romanian Deadlifts (135#), 10 Push Press (135#), 15 V-Situps, 20 Kettlebell/Dumbbell swings (45#)


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