7.12.13 SWOD

First workout as part of the New Strength Cycle Template Bench Workoutz.

WarmupJump around and stuff


  • Flat Bench: 8 sets of 3 @~80% 1RM
    • First week of 4-week bench strength cycle, use the same weight for all working sets.
    • Rest should be 60-90 seconds between sets. Choose a weight that you know you can hit (with a little pushing) for all sets.
  • Weighted Pull-ups: 5 x 5, use heavy weight


  • 5 rounds: 8 chin-ups, 12 push-ups, Row 200 Meters*
  • Prescribed rest (b/t rounds): 30-60 seconds

*Sub 30 double unders or 10 burpees for the row if equipment is unavailable

Motivation- Use the forest as your weight room

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