4.27.13 ARWOD



2 comments on “4.27.13 ARWOD

  1. This, and Fast 6 are the two most exciting forthcoming films for me this year. Can’t wait.
    I can see myself doing press-ups in the aisles at the cinema, something I’ve not done since I saw Rocky 5 on a ferry coming home from the Netherlands.
    For it to be the best film ever it’s got to beat some pretty awesome competition, namely: Predator.
    I am certain though that it’s going to be right up there with the likes of Rocky 3, Rush Hour 2, Fast 4, Crank, Casino Royale and the Bourne Ulltimatum. There are other favourites which I watch over and over, but I’ve just woken up.

    • Triple Drop, I fully support you doing press-ups in the aisles at the cinema. I myself have never taken a ferry home from the Netherlands, however in the event that I do and Rocky 5 is playing, I’ll be sure to mirror what you have done. You are an inspiration to us all.

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