5.31.13 SWOD



  • Close grip bench press
    • 2-3 warmup sets @ 50-60% 1RM
    • Working sets: 5-5-3-3-1-1; work up in weight successively each set
  • Weighted Pullups
    • 5 sets of 5
    • If you don’t have a weighted belt, just hold a dumbbell between your feet.

Conditioning- GODSWOD- “Broseidon”

*Wall jump = pick a spot on the wall a couple feet higher than your full extended reach and leap to that spot

Today’s conditioning GODSWOD is named after the king of the brocean himself, Broseidon. With a mighty trident in hand, Broseidon ruled over the vast oceans with a swole, iron fist, ensuring that all mermaids were always satisfied. He also frequently caused underwater earthquakes after eating bulking meals.


  • For those of you who never attended gym cotillion, here’s some tips on proper gym etiquette from Tatro, himself:

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