5.13.13 SWOD



  • Sumo deadlift– work up to a 3 rep rest-pause* max.
  • Rest-Pause = include 10-15 seconds (no more) of rest between each rep to make sure each pull invokes full muscle re-contraction. 
  • Here’s what I’ll do (3 reps each): 135#, 225#, 315#, 365#, 400#, 420#
  • Rest between heavy sets should be at least 3 minutes.

Conditioning GODSWOD- “Zeus”

  • 5 rounds- 5 reps Curtis P Complex (@~50% of your bodyweight), 20 sit-ups
  • Prescribed rest (b/t rounds)- 60-90 seconds

This barbell complex (a series of consecutive movements done with a barbell) was recommended to me by a fellow SwoleFIT brother, and it’s going to be a doozy. Choose a weight where you can maintain perfect form on every rep.

The GODSWOD today is named for the most iconic god of them all: Zeus. Towering from his throne atop Mount Olympus, he hurls thunderbolts down to earth whenever people piss him off or he’s bored. This is an amazing feat of strength as these lightning bolts weigh approximately 450 lbs each.

Post weights and times to comments.


  • Hulk Hogan once engaged Zeus in battle; here is the salvaged footage:

5.9.13 SWOD



  • EMOM for 7 minutes (Every Minute on the Minute)- 3 Box Squats @50-60% 1RM

Volume- (rest 60-90 seconds b/t sets)

  • [Superset 2- Legs/Traps]  4 sets, 8-12 reps

This will be the final week we do this particular volume workout so make it count! Push yourself to the limit here, and make those weights pretty heavy. If you’ve got some extra fuel left in the tank on the third set of each exercise, keep pumping it up until you’ve given all you can give. 12 reps? FEELS REAL GOOD.


  • Prison is meant to be a place of social rehabilitation. Here’s a video of a prison powerlifting competition. It’s amazing that the simple act of moving around heavy objects can help re-direct the internal aggression of a lot of these inmates and really add a positive aspect to their lives.
  • Here’s a couple awesome quotes from the video:
    • “Right now I feel powerful, I feel positive, and I don’t feel that there’s anyone in this prison in any weight class who can outlift me on any given day.”
    • “A year and a half ago, the rivalry between the whites and blacks… was pretty bad. And this time they’re rooting for each other. They want everybody to succeed.”