4.4.13 SWOD


  • Box Squat– 5 explosive sets of 3 reps @ 50-60% 1RM (make sure the box is low enough to where your hammies are parallel to the floor at the squat’s lowest point)
  • Deadlifts– 3 explosive sets of 3 reps @ 50-60% 1RM


  • 5 rounds- Clean and jerk (155#) x 5, 10 TTB (toes to bar), 20 DU (double unders) 
  • Prescribed Rest (b/t rounds)- 60 seconds

Sub lower weights as necessary. If you can’t do the TTB, sub hanging knee raises. If you can’t do the DU, sub 30 jumping jacks.

As you may notice, I always program my conditioning workouts for 5 rounds. Why? 5 rounds usually take about 8-15 minutes to complete, which is about the ideal duration for maintaining high intensity throughout. #broscience

Post times of conditioning workout to comments.


  • Check out this compilation video from DeFranco’s gym in New Jersey. A lot of NFL prospects will train here for the combine. After a couple months of this stuff, their speed/strength is on a whole. ‘nother. level. 
  • The workouts in this video make me/look really hard.