6.18.13 SWOD



  • EMOM for 8 minutes- Flat Bench– 3 reps @ 50-60% 1RM
    • This weight should be fairly easy. Slowly lowering the bar to your chest, pause briefly at the bottom, and explode with full force/velocity on the way back up. Add 5 lbs to the weight from last week.


Same swole song, different verse. Hit this bodybuilding workout hard on the second week of the ‘micro-cycle’, amp the weights up by 5-10 lbs each. Maintain your form, feel that deluge of blood in your muscleveins (one word, it’s a real word).


  • Make some time to watch “Pumping Iron”– an hour and a half documentary chronicling bodybuilding in the glory days of the 1970’s. Arnold is the star of the show, providing entertainment, inspiration, and hilarity.

One comment on “6.18.13 SWOD

  1. I’m taking the rest of the week off and tending to my elbow. I need to get some voodoo floss.

    Lots of elbow mobility from “Supple Leopard”

    5 rounds
    1 basketball court sprint
    15 kettlebell swings (60 lbs)

    rest 1 minute between rounds

    Taking off for me just leaves me out of lifts that I feel in my elbow. Good thing I can still sprint and swing.

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