5.14.13 SWOD



  • EMOM (Every Minute On the Minute) Flat Bench– 8 sets of 3 @ 50-60% 1RM
    • This weight should feel fairly light. Focus on slowly lowering the bar to your chest and subsequently exploding with full force/velocity on the way back up.

Volume (Rest periods should be 60-90 seconds b/t supersets)

Today’s volume workout marks the start of another 4-week cycle on a slightly different set of movements. However, the main principles and movement juxtapositions are the same. VERY IMPORTANT– choose lower, easier weights this week and we’ll continue to work up to heavier weights over the next three weeks.


  • CT Fletcher at it again— classic quote: “Before you go, can I ask you a question? *pauses* What the FUCK IS YOU WAITIN’ FOR?!??”
  • There should be an app that just plays CJ Fletcher quotes on repeat. It could integrate with your bröötal death metal music and would serve to pump you up like nothing else.

5 comments on “5.14.13 SWOD

  1. EMOM@ 175 lbs
    SS1 @ 195lbs / pullups 12 reps
    SS2 @ 35lbs / 80lbs +used the fat bar
    SS3 @ 65lbs / 25lbs (did this wrong, just used one swole arm)
    SS4 @ 25lbs / 50kg

    • very good, very good

      I did EMOM @ 155
      SS1 @ 155 lbs (slow and controlled, felt that pump)/ assisted pullups (50 lbs- pretty easy, but got a sick pump)
      SS2 @ 25, 55 (again lowered the weights this week, but felt the pump)
      SS3 @ 65 lbs, 45 lbs
      SS4 @ 25 lbs, 120 lbs

      felt a siiick pump; realized thats what life is all about

    • Jeremy,If training hard, the IF thing has to be aprpcaohed mush differently. I’m not a huge fan of applying the health benefits IF model to a person who’s training. I did IF for 8 months, every day in 2010. But I was doing a more endurance work and I also tailored IF to my training, my training intensity, and my training times. It was very different than what Lean Gains promotes.After 8 months I found no real benefits of IF. I had my lab work done every 6 weeks and while I was lean (I was training twice a day 5 or 6 days a week), I seriously saw no reason to do IF. The added stress was not worth the trouble or the discomfort of eating 200-250 grams of meat protein, 170 grams of fat and 80-100grams of carbs in only 6-8 hours. I still recommend IF to some of my BioSig clients. But only those that needed it for specific reasons.The type of training you do and more, the relative intensity of your training is most definitely a factor. Lean Gains is centered around bodybuilding and weight training. Different training certainly elicits different effects. Know this new baby equals stress (many of them) equals inflammation equals increased cortisol. Alcohol increases inflammation and increases cortisol. An 80% or whatever your diet really is creates inflammation and increases cortisol. Being overweight increases inflammation and cortisol. Exercise increases inflammation and cortisol.IF will not undo any of the above. No joy. It’s a package deal. You must address all the above. They are not separate, but synergistic. Also, I don’t cringe when I hear anyone say they’re whatever % paleo. I’m no judge. You get what you give.

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