5.17.13 SWOD



  • Floor Press
    • 3 warmup sets @ 50-60% 1RM (flat bench
    • 5 working sets of 5 @ 70-80% 1RM (flat bench)
    • Rest at least 3 minutes between working sets
  • Weighted Pullups
    • 5 sets of 5, choose a fairly heavy weight, but do not go to failure
    • If you don’t have a weighted belt, just hold a dumbbell between your feet.

If floor press is a new movement to you, work on form and don’t go up too high in weight. Take the barbell down until your elbows initiate contact with the ground. Due to the reduced range of motion, floor press is a much easier exercise on your shoulder joint than flat bench. If you ever find yourself w/ shoulder pain or more limited range of motion, try switching up to this.

Conditioning BROADSWOD- “Aniston”

Conditioning workout should get you that quintessential pump to get your Friday GOIN’. Push yourself and get your heart rate going. More importantly, choose weights and take enough rest between circuits such that you aren’t failing mid-set on any of these exercises.

Today’s conditioning BROADSWOAD is named for one of the icons of the 90’s: Jennifer Aniston. With her irrestisible smile and perky… personality, whose heart doesn’t leap every time they see her on screen? Besides being a regular on the defining 90’s sitcom, Friends, she has been in a score of movies. Two classics are Office Space, the tale of a man who decides to transcend his mediocre existence by making Jennifer Aniston his girlfriend (among other things) and most recently Horrible Bosses where she plays a nympho dentist hellbent on screwing “It’s Always Sunny’s” Charlie Day.


  • Calves too small? Take a nice prescription sized dose of some Dom Mazetti