4.12.13 SWOD


  • Flat Bench Press
    • 3 warmup sets, 5 reps each @ 50% 1RM
    • 3 working sets, 5 reps each @ 80% 1RM (rest 3-4 minutes between working sets)
  • Bent over Barbell Row– 5 sets of 5, choose a relatively heavy weight but don’t go to failure. Rest 3-4 minutes between sets.


Sub jumping jacks for DU if you don’t gots a jumpy rope. Seriously though, just buy a jump rope.

Post times of conditioning workout to comments.

This is pretty much the ideal Friday workout. First you throw up a ton of weight on the bench press, then you immediately get a get a case of pump fever from the conditioning workout. Head to the Baby Gap afterwards, get yourself a sick smedium shirt, then hit the club.


  • I’ve got to go with my main man, Dom Mazetti, coming through in the clutch once again. Dom explains the relationship between lifting and drinking, eloquently intermingling #broscience, hilarity, and truth.

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