5.10.13 SWOD



  • Close Grip Bench Press
    • 3 warmup sets, 5 reps @ ~50-60% 1RM (normal grip flat bench)
    • 5 working sets, 5 reps @ ~70-80% 1RM
  • Pendlay Rows- 5 sets of 5 reps
    • Alright SwoleFIT brothers, let’s pull some heavy weight today. Maintain form, keep a neutral spine, and do work.
    • Watch this (slightly bizarre) video on what it means to maintain a neutral spine. Remember, posture is paramount!

Conditioning, BROADSWOD- “Alba”

First, there were GODSWODS, honoring the great mythological male deities. Now, I present to you, BROADSWODS, honoring the most sizzling smokes of the modern era. I know you’re thinking two things right now– 1) ‘F*ck yes, Konrad’ , 2) ‘How do you come up with this brilliance? Short answer: SwoleFIT.

Today, we honor a modern classic- Jessica Alba. Let’s be honest, who hasn’t had a crush on this girl? Let’s recall her timeless performances in Fantastic Four as Sue Storm (I believe her super power was looking incredibly hot in a skintight jumpsuit) and Good Luck Chuck, where she plays a selfless, penguin loving 10/10 who ends up falling hopelessly in love with Dane “my jokes are no longer funny” Cook. Yes, Jessica, today SwoleFIT salutes you and dedicates this sick chest/back/bicep/tricep pump to you. If you’re reading this, hollaback girl.


  • Searched “Jessica Alba montage” on Youtube, and this is what happened. Thanks for sharing, “BKSwagRapper.” I can only assume the “BK” stands for Burger King. Righteous. And remember boys, tuck it up.

5.2.13 SWOD



  • EMOM for 7 minutes (Every minute on the minute)- 3 power snatch @ 50-60% 1RM
    • Today is a good day to work on snatch technique if you are new to the movement. Stick to a very light weight (I’m talking just the bar), and take a video of yourself to verify form.
    • Keep in mind, snatch is an EXTREMELY DIFFICULT, extremely complex movement, probably the hardest weightlifting movement to master. Olympic weightlifters spend their entire lives trying to perfect this movement

Volume- (rest 60-90 seconds b/t sets)

Today’s workout is the same as last week’s, just lowered the reps. Increase weights by at least 5-10 lbs from last week. You should be getting stronger and bigger already if you’ve been keeping up with the workouts and eating well.

Here’s my 6 week progress pics (#DATINSTAGRAM). I’ve gone from 205 lbs to 197 lbs, but have maintained/added some muscle mass on my traps, chest, upper back, and arms. I’ll do a more comprehensive progress article in a few weeks.

 (Spring Break 2k13)

(6 weeks in)

It’s been pretty crazy so far to see the actual physical results I along with my friends have been getting from this program.


  • CJ Fletcher’s nickname is the “strongest man you’ve never heard of.” He’s also batshit insane (in a good way), and this video should help you pull your head out of your ass and train like there’s no tomorrow:

As a corollary, I do believe there is such a thing as overtraining, which is why I’ve gone to such great lengths to devise this whole workout template. Regardless, this video still revs you up.