Teach a Man to Swole, He’ll Pump for a Lifetime.

Faithful brothers of swole,

Hath been three months since I resumed my SwoleFIT programming. And what a three months its been. We’ve grown both in spirit and in brawn. We’ve seen what hard, smart work can get you. And hopefully we’ve inspired others around us to purse the path of swole.

Speaking of inspiration, I recently joined the team for the Men’s Online Publication, PRSUIT.com as Editorial Director, and am now focusing a significant amount of my online writing efforts towards the site. Go check it out! Due to this time commitment, I’ve decided to pause updating the content on this blog for now.

Here’s what I want you bros to do: look through my old workouts, read the template, and start programming for yourself. Learn to read your body’s signals and make workouts that work best for YOU as an individual.


Here’s the archives*:

SwoleFIT Version 2 Cycle (published Feb 2014-June 2014)

SwoleFIT Version 1 Cycle (published Feb 2013- June 2013)

And here’s a bonus cycle to start you off on your journey to self-sufficiency:

SwoleFIT + Stronglifts 5×5 (drop the weights down again and run this for a month)


If you’ve got any questions, I’m more than happy to answer them. Shoot me an email at swolefitnation@gmail.com


^^^The logo that started it all


*One suggestion for improvement that’s been made to this programming is the lack of core work. For me, I focus on contracting my core through all the compound movements and that seems to be sufficient. However, if you find yourself lacking core development, go ahead and add some additional exercises (planks, sit-ups, leg raises, bicycles, ball slams, oblique twists w/ weights, wood choppers, etc.)

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