Swole Pt. 4

My fellow SwoleFIT Brothers,

We’ve officially reached the end of our first 4 week micro-cycle, and what a glorious 4 weeks it’s been.

Though most of you entered this journey as but a weak, soft, flaccid, pitiful excuse for a man, you are starting to grow your Lat-Wings, Leg-Rockets, and Trap-Pillows. It feels good, doesn’t it? You know what else feels good? COMMITMENT. Commitment to a lifestyle that promotes the greater good. Namely, a lifestyle that is centered around gaining and maintaining the one, most important asset a man can have: MUSCLE MASS.

Welcome to SwoleFIT. It’s good to have you on board.



Week 4 (of 4 week cycle):

Warmup for all daysJoe DeFranco’s Limber 11. This warmup will make you all KINDS OF SUPPLE.

Emphasis on strength days should be on pushing heavy ASS weight with ample rest. And remember, form comes first.

And, as always, emphasis on hypertrophy days should be on moving the muscle through it’s full range of motion, using a weight that’s relatively “easy,” and feeling DAT PUMP while doing so.


Monday (Legs/Shoulders/Traps/Abs):

   Strength (3-5 minutes rest b/t sets):

  • Front Squat (Week 4 of 4 week cycle): 5×5, add 10 lbs to weight used last week
  • Strict Press: 5×5, add 5 lbs to weight used last week


  • Deadlift: 8 sets of 3 reps, EMOM (every minute on the minute). Choose a moderately heavy weight, 60-70% of 1RM, increase the weight 10 lbs from week 2.
  • 5 rounds- 8 Hang C&J (clean&jerk), 15 sit-ups, rest 30-60 seconds.
  • Weight for C&J should be light enough that you can go unbroken with proper form for ALL rounds (aka much lighter than weight used last week).
  • Add 5-10 lbs to weight used on week 2.
  • Ab Finisher: Plank Hold, 2 x 60 seconds


Tuesday (Chest/Back/Bis/Tris):


  • Bench Press- 8 sets of 3 reps, EMOM, 50-60% 1RM, focus on EXPLODING through each rep, add 5 lbs to weight used last week


   (60-90 seconds rest b/t sets, Add 5-10 lbs to all lifts from weight used last week):

  • Bench Press- 4 x 8-12 w/ 60-80% 1RM
  • Cable Lat Pulldown- 4 x 8-12
  • Cable chest fly- 4 x 12-15
  • Machine low row- 4 x 12-15
  • Superset– Chin-ups, Tricep extensions (any form)- 3 x 8-12


Wednesday: Rest/Foam Roll/Yoga/Light-Moderate Cardio


Thursday (Legs/Shoulders/Traps/Abs):


  • Max effort vertical jumps- 8 sets of 3, EMOM, fly like a rocket ship, swole brother.


   (1-2 minutes rest b/t sets, add 5-10 lbs to all lifts except KBS and TTB):

  • Back Squat- 4×8, 60-80% 1RM
  • Power Clean- 5×5, 60-80% 1RM
  • Strict Press- 4×8, 60-80% 1RM
  • KBS (Kettlebell swings) or Dumbbell Swings– 1 set x 50 reps, unbroken.
  • Ab Circuit: 3 rounds- 10 Weighted Sit-ups, 10 TTB (Toes to Bar), 10 Ab Wheel Rolls, 15 Dumbbell Side Bends (each side)


Friday (Chest/Back/Bis/Tris):

   Strength (3-5 minutes rest b/t sets):

  • Bench Press- 5×5, 60-80% 1RM, add 5 lbs to weight used last week
  • Dumbbell row- 3×8, add 5 lbs to weight used last week (for individual dumbbell)


  • Swole Stage 1: For 8 minutes, 3 strict pull-ups (weighted if necessary), EMOM
  • Swole Stage 2: 8 minutes EMOM- 10 burpees
  • Pro tip: take your shirt off in the middle of the workout to induce extra testosterone release #science.


Saturday/Sunday: Rest/Foam Roll/Yoga/Light- Moderate Cardio


Weekly Motivation:

  • If this video doesn’t make you re-think your life priorities, I don’t know what will. Iron, family, everything else– that’s how we should live.


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