4.2.13 SWOD


  • Flat bench– 5 sets of 3 explosive reps (50% of 1RM)
  • 1 set of max reps (185#)- as many reps as you can do without going to complete failure
  • Choose a weight for max reps that you know you can do 15-20 times


  • 5 rounds– 5 strict pull-ups, 8 diamond push-ups, 15 curls (5 lower range of movement, 5 upper range of movement, 5 full range of movement– a la 21’s, 65#), 12 box jumps
  • Prescribed rest (b/t rounds): 30 seconds

Post times of conditioning workout to comments.


  • This picture really spells out a universal truth. We all have to look out for each other.

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