Who I Follow

“If I have seen it further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.”

-Isaac Newton

Below are the sources from whom I derive a lot of my philosophies and programming methodologies. The first step to becoming great is finding great mentors/ role models. Learn from them, observe what they do that does and doesn’t work. Then go out and develop an outlook that fits your own person life vision. The sources below I consider to be some of the most reputable out there:

  • Dr. Layne Norton– Official WebpageYoutube Channel
    • Pro Natural Bodybuilder
    • Powerlifter who has achieved an Elite ‘Raw’ total classification (617 lb squat, 386 lb bench press, 700 lb deadlift in 220 lb class)
    • Nutritional Sciences PHD who did his dissertation on the relation of meal frequency to muscle protein synthesis (aka does eating more/less often affect muscle gain)
  • Joe DeFranco- Official WebpageYoutube Channel
    • Owner of DeFranco’s gym—a brutal, warehouse style training environment with a reputation for outputting some seriously high performing athletes (a lot of NFL athletes train here for the combine)
    • Creator of CPPS certification (Certified Physical Preparation Specialist)
  • Dr. Kelly Starett
    • Creator of mobilitywod.com
    • Author of “Becoming a Supple Leopard”—probably the best in class work on rehabilitation/mobilization/proactive injury prevention
  • Louie Simmons

    • Owner of Westside Barbell Gym in Columbus, Ohio, a gym which consistently pumps out the strongest powerlifters in the world
    • Creator of the Westside Barbell “conjugate method” for strength
  • Examine.com – great independent resource that compiles objective scientific information on supplements in a format that’s easy to follow

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